How to Go Deep in Tournaments with BubbleProtection, by CEO Eugene Castro

Posted on March 13, 2013 under Strategy

How poker players are using BubbleProtection to go deeper, and win more in tournaments. In the six weeks since launching BubbleProtection we have fielded dozens of questions ranging from basic registration issues to complex strategic analysis of (EV), but far and… more

Poker Players International Co-Founder Randall Kasper Reveals How the Pros Are Using BubbleProtection

Posted on March 1, 2013 under Strategy

As Co-Founder and Agency Leader at Poker Players International (PPI), there is no shortage of poker-related products or business plans which come across my desk. In five years and literally hundreds of business plans, only one stood out to the… more

Chris Moorman Speaks on BubbleProtection

Posted on January 9, 2012 under Strategy

When the guys at Bubble Protection (BP) approached me, I have to admit I was a bit of a skeptic. There aren’t too many things I feel are +EV for me and at the same time good for the players… more

No Limit Hold'em Strategy Talks to Chris Moorman About BubbleProtection Money Management

Posted on November 27, 2011 under Strategy

Chris Moorman Comments on Bubble Protection’s Money Management Tool November 27, 2011 By sophia Leave a Comment During the 2011 WSOP tournament, Bubble Protection (BP) approached Chris Moorman with a business plan. The player was more focused on winning a… more

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