Power Rankings: All's Quiet at the Top as Failla, Trickett, Moorman Slip

After a quiet week from Marvin Rettenmaier and Dan Smith, with neither having won a tournament this week surprisingly, the story of this week’s Power Rankings is of players starting to fall down the list. As major scores start to lose some or all of their value, some of the biggest stars of the last two years of tournament poker are giving way to this year’s big winners.

Will Failla has been near the top of the Power Rankings for quite some time, but the calendar is not his friend in this instance. The Legends of Poker just crowned its newest champion, and thusly Failla’s breakout victory from 2011 has lost half its value in this ranking system. His performance over the last two years continues to speak for itself, however, as he only slipped two spots and still holds on to the number five spot. As a result of Failla’s slip, Smith and Steve O’Dwyer each jumped one spot respectively.

While Bertrand Grospellier, Daniel Negreanu and Jonathan Duhamel each hold on to the six, seven and eight spots, respectively, each inched up their point total this week with small cashes on the EPT. The biggest jump this week derives from an error on our part, as Andrew Badecker picked up 84 points he should have previously had and rose eight spots on the list as a result, coming in at 11.

A pair of Brits took a tumble down the list this week. Sam Trickett’s final table from EPT Vilamoura in Season 7 crossed the two year barrier and the points fell away completely, causing him to tumble two spots. Chris Moorman fell out of the Top 20 completely this week, not due to any fault of his own other than not recording a cash.

Tommy Vedes took the biggest fall this week as a pair of cashes from 2011 in smaller events at the WinStar Casino lost half their value as they passed the year mark. Matt Waxman is holding on to his spot in the Top 20 very precariously this week as well, slipping two spots despite not losing any points. That’s going to change next week, however, as his WPT Grand Prix de Paris win is going to pass the one year mark.

Just one new face entered the Top 20 this week, as World Series of Poker bracelet winner and new record-holder for most cashes in a single summer Konstantin Puchkov makes his debut at number 16. A deep cash in the EPT Barcelona Main Event as well as a smaller cash in a side event there were enough to propel the Russian pro to that spot.

  1. Marvin Rettenmaier – 1778.50 (-)
  2. Vanessa Selbst – 1453.07 (-)
  3. Dan Smith – 1234.09 (+1)
  4. Steve O’Dwyer – 1156.15 (+1)
  5. Will Failla – 1145.15(-2)
  6. Bertrand Grospellier – 1084.68 (-)
  7. Daniel Negreanu – 1065.35 (-)
  8. Jonathan Duhamel – 1062.92 (-)
  9. Oleksii Kovalchuk – 1021.32 (-)
  10. Michael Mizrachi – 983.31 (-)
  11. Andrew Badecker – 966.55 (+8)
  12. Phil Ivey – 945.35 (+1)
  13. Sam Trickett – 921.88 (-2)
  14. Shawn Buchanan – 917.18 (-)
  15. Tommy Vedes – 916.57 (-3) 
  16. Konstantin Puchkov – 912.72 (NR)
  17. Matthew Waxman – 906.79 (-2)
  18. Daniel Buzgon – 887.41 (-2)
  19. Phil Hellmuth – 886.53 (-2)
  20. Fernando Brito – 885.64 (-)
Dropped from Rankings: Chris Moorman (18th)

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