An Update From Bigdog, Ya Dig?

What's up Tournament Poker Edge. It's been a while since I've blogged so I thought I should take a minute to update everyone.

Obviously the big news as far as poker goes for me was chopping back to back Sunday Millions and winning the Super Tuesday on Poker Stars. That was a fun couple of weeks. I talked about it in quite a bit of detail on the TPE Podcast, so check that out. Also, the first Sunday Million hand history review is currently running on TPE so hit that up as well. I'll be recording the other Sunday Million video soon, so you should see that up on the site in the very near future.

Although it's gonna be tough to be away from my son for that long, I'm getting pumped to head to Vegas this summer for the World Series of Poker. Have not really nailed down my schedule yet but there will be a mix of WSOP and Venetian Deepstack events. Live poker for me is also about just hanging with the other Tournament Poker Edge guys and having a good time. It's like our own little family and it's great to get together once a year. We already have our house booked and it looks pretty cool. We are located pretty close to the Rio this year, which will make getting to and from tourneys a bit easier. But we are still really close to a PTs Pub, which is crucial.

As far as life outside of poker, I'm really getting stoked for golf season. Just bought some new clubs that I can't wait to get my swing on. Also pretty excited about the Bluejays starting their season. Right now they are favorites to win the World Series, so it should be a fun season!

I'll try and do a few blog posts from Vegas too, but if you want consistent updates, be sure to follow me on Twitter. And of course, while we are out there, we will be recording episodes of the Tournament Poker Edge Live Podcast to keep you guys all in the loop on how the summer is going.

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