How to Go Deep in Tournaments with BubbleProtection, by CEO Eugene Castro

How poker players are using BubbleProtection to go deeper, and win more in tournaments.

In the six weeks since launching BubbleProtection we have fielded dozens of questions ranging from basic registration issues to complex strategic analysis of (EV), but far and away the most frequently asked question is how can BubbleProtection be good for both the player and the company selling it. I understand the question,it seems logical that if the players are not bubbling at a high rate that it has to be a losing proposition for the player and a win for the company. This would be an incorrect assumption.

The whole purpose of purchasing BubbleProtection is to equip yourself with a tool that allows you to go deep in tournaments, make more final tables and take down events that you would not have without the aid of BubbleProtection. Early results have shown that players who purchase protection for the majority of their events have been bubbling at around 10% of the time but more importantly have been making deep runs at an alarming rate. How are they doing it? What’s the secret? In this article we will look at two important stages of a tournament in order to review some of the basic strategies that are being employed with great success.

Play Tight Early

If you play tournaments super aggressively and find that you chip up or bust early perhaps having BubbleProtection in your arsenal will help you harness your aggression in order to give you a chance to catch a rush and make some deep runs. For the more traditional player that looks at tournaments in stages it makes sense to play your normal game early, aware that you have a secret weapon soon to be used. In a 1000 person field that is paying the top 15% the first critical stage comes at the point when half of the field has been eliminated. At this point you should pause and consider the fact that you are approaching “new “big bubble. It has been shown to be a very effectivestrategy to tighten up and allow the fast and furious eliminations to keep on coming.

Within Striking Distance of the “New” Bubble

Using the same example above when there are 300 people left from the starting field of 1000 it is important to focus on the fact that you are but 50 people left to “your” bubble while the rest of the field are 150 spots away from cashing.  Having BubbleProtection at this stage should have a significant bearing on your hand selection. As there will be approximately 35 tables remaining in a 9 handed event or 50 tables in a 6 handed event, it stands to reason that players are still be eliminated at a rapid pace.  At this point it is profitable to fold questionable hands allowing you to preserve valuable chips to be used after you have made the bubble. Avery specific technique is toplay at a deliberate pace, save your time bank and keep your eyes on the remaining players until you break into the final 250. If there are 255 people left in the event wait before you act, by the time your hand is over its not unusual for another 5 or 6 people to be eliminated.

In the strategy articles that follow you will learn the true advantage of purchasing BubbleProtection. With BubbleProtection you will frequently reach the point at which you can’t be bullied and can play with increased aggression, allowing you to build a stack that can withstand some bad beats as you make your way to a final table.

My answer to the most frequently asked question isBubbleProtection is good for you because it allows you to go deep because you folded a questionable hand prior to the “new” bubble or you were able to call with Q10 with 160 people left when a big stack jammed with two random cards thinking you could never call. In order to determine to you has to be made by looking at the totality of your results, it’s not whether you spent an extra 6 bucks for a 50 dollar event but rather how you finished.  Of course no conclusion should be made based on few results. With a large enough sample you will learn how to effectively use BubbleProtection  as a weapon resulting in long term +EV.





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