Will Failla in the Top Ten in BLUFF Player of the Year Ranking

Coming back with a vengeance after his poker hiatus a year ago, Phil Ivey has been producing at an unbelievable pace at the 2012 World Series of Poker. In less than two weeks, Ivey rose from outside the top 20 in the BLUFF Player of the Year Rankings to fifth place, then third, and finally to the top spot. Ivey didn’t just nose past Dan Smith and Jonathan Duhamel either; he leaped both players and holds an 80.46 point lead.

Five of Ivey’s six cashes at the 2012 WSOP were final table appearances.  His last two final table finishes, in the $10,000 HORSE and the $2,500 Mixed Hold’em, earned 111.2 and 45 points, respectively.

The period marks only the second time all year that Duhamel is not at the top of the leaderboard. The first time was earlier in the WSOP, when Smith took the lead with a small cash, but he held it for less than 12 hours before Duhamel recaptured first place with a min-cash of his own. With no improvement last week, Duhamel slips to third place as Smith moves up from third to second. Smith’s 70th place finish in the most recent $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event was enough to earn 27.5 points and pass Duhamel.

John Monnette jumped into seventh place with his second place finish in the $10,000 HORSE event. Prior to the Series, Monnette had 28.1 POY points but with a bracelet win, three final table appearances, and two cashes, he has accumulated 518.60 points. His WSOP point total is second to only Phil Ivey.

Directly behind Monnette is Dan Kelly, moving up six spots into eighth place, the biggest move in the top 20. Kelly finished eighth and collected 70.2 points in the star-studded $10,000 HORSE event. Will Failla rounds out the top 10 as he moved from 11th to 10th place with a cash in the most recent $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event.  

The bottom half of the top 20 showed a lot of movement, but most of that was from players being pushed down after three new people entered the top 10. Only one player gained ground while three players held firm to their positions. Tommy Vedes added 27.5 points from a cash in a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em event to move from 16th to 15th. Mohsin Charania, Justin Bonomo, and Brock Parker each registered a cash in order to avoid the slide down the leaderboard and keep their positions.

Bertrand Grospellier represented the biggest drop in the rankings as he dropped four spots to 16th place. Andrew Chen, Joe Kuether and Vadim Kursevich each dropped three spots in the rankings.  Sean Jazayeri fell out of the top 20 completely.

( ) – Change in Position

  1. Phil Ivey – 875.17 (+2)
  2. Dan Smith – 794.71 (+1)
  3. Jonathan Duhamel – 768.70 (-2)
  4. Marvin Rettenmaier – 690.52 (-)
  5. Oliver Speidel – 669.81 (-)
  6. Bruno Lopes – 562.10 (-)
  7. John Monnette – 546.70 (NR)
  8. Dan Kelly – 545.95 (+6)
  9. Daniel Negreanu – 530.46 (-2)
  10. Will Failla – 508.25 (+1)
  11. Andrew Chen – 503.37 (-3)
  12. John Dolan – 495.30 (-2)
  13. Mohsin Charania – 491.60  (-)
  14. Joe Kuether – 486.47 (-3)
  15. Tommy Vedes – 482.34 (+1)
  16. Bertrand Grospellier 480.21 (-4)
  17. Justin Bonomo – 469.30 (-)
  18. Vadim Kursevich – 468.10 (-3)
  19. Brock Parker – 461.51 (-)
  20. John Dibella – 450.75 (-2)

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