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About Us

Welcome to BubbleProtection.com, home of the most innovative and positive product created for online poker players since the inception of online poker itself.

BubbleProtection.com is the brainchild of a consortium of top professionals with over 100 years of combined experience at the top levels of the gaming, technology, economic and customer service industries.

BubbleProtection had it’s genesis with the asking of one simple question -- what is the single most pervasive way we can help the largest group of players improve their poker results? The answer: to give players the ability to play the game they love more often and more profitably through bankroll preservation and variance reduction.

Our knowledge, not only of what players want, but how to offer it fairly is just the beginning of our pledge to the poker community.

Our revolutionary technologies (for which multiple patents are pending) will ensure not only the fair delivery of our groundbreaking concept but accurate tracking for and automatic payment to our customers.

Finally, our aptitude and experience with emerging trends in the online poker sector will allow us to navigate our future course with innovations to the benefit of the collective online poker community.

We thank you for your patronage; we appreciate the opportunity to serve you; we look forward to earning your business and most of all, to doing our part to help enhance your enjoyment of the game we all love !!

The BubbleProtection Team

What is an outstanding status?

Outstanding status indicates that our system was unable to automatially grade the result. Please contact us for more information.