bubble protection cancellation

Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and disclose and make use of personal information.

Return / Cancellation

Completion of Tournament or Event

It is hereby agreed by and between BubbleProtection.com and User that all purchases and coverage that flow from said purchases will be null and void in the event the tournament is not played to completion. In the event of a tournament cancellation or payout by a third party site based on a formula or agreement that is any way other than a completion of the event, the coverage will be considered null and void and all fees will be returned and credited to user's account. It is expressly understood that all purchases will be refunded in full, irrespective of your position in the tournament at the time of cancellation or non-completion. In the event of the non-completion or cancellation of an event for which you purchased protection your account will automatically be refunded the entire amount of your purchase. In the event your account is not refunded within 24 hours of the cancellation or non- completion of the event please contact us at [email protected]

User's Inability to Play or Complete Tournament or Event

Once Bubble Protection has been purchased the user is responsible to play and complete event. BubbleProtection.com will not be responsible for any failure of the user to play or complete an event for any reason whatsoever. BubbleProtection.com will rely on the third party site's final results to determine if a payment for falling in the bubble is to be made. Purchasing BubbleProtection and failing to play will result in a purchase for which no claim will be paid. Playing an event for which complications with internet transmissions of the User or third party site will be the sole responsibility of the user and in no way will be borne by BubbleProtection.com. Once you have registered at BubbleProtection.com you may not un-register.


Special Circumstances

In the event of complications utilizing BubbleProtection.com software please advise us of the circumstances by contacting us at [email protected] At BubbleProtection.com we are committed to improving the player experience by offering a money management tool to preserve and build your bankroll. We strive to provide safety and responsibility to your tournament play and urge you to contact us with any issues, questions or suggestions associated with your purchases.

What is an outstanding status?

Outstanding status indicates that our system was unable to automatially grade the result. Please contact us for more information.